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We appreciate high standards at Stölzle Lausitz: We grow with them and create glasses who seek their equals. Be it fine or robust, hand-blown or machine-made, modern or classical – for every demand we have an answer in glass. Browse our program to your heart’s content. Don’t worry: Nothing is going to break here.

 Burgunderglas der Serie Q1 von Stölzle Lausitz - Rotweinballon für Sommeliers

Q1 – hand-blown, striking, modern

Friends of fine dining are only content when everything is perfect: from the fine cuisine over the fine wines to the glasses. In the Q1 series traditional art of glass making is combined with extravagant design. The thin-walled, hand-blown glass fits lightly in the hand and accentuates the bouquet of the wine.

Rotweinkelch der Serie Quatrophil von Stölzle Lausitz

Quatrophil – shows character

For all those who enjoy a fine drop of wine more often. And then rely on the dish washer for the clean-up. The machine-made series Quatrophil is more robust than its hand-blown sister series Q1. Both share their modern, striking form: the high, narrow stem and the seamlessly welded chalice with the low-set waist therein the aroma of the wine can develop particularly well.

Power Schwarz-Bronze

POWER - it´s all about aroma

In the glass huts of Weisswasser, the POWER series of glasses are machine-pulled using a specially designed process. The robustness, lightness and linear contours underscore the unparalleled quality.

Rotweinkelch der Serie Experience von Stölzle Lausitz

High Wine Performance

EXPERIENCE is a combination of sweeping curves and clear tapering contributes to an ideal wine consumption. The deep sculpted larger circumference of the bowl tapers funnel shapes into the pulled stem thus creating a rigid elegance. The elegant and stylish shape and the pulled and joint less stems of the line EXPERIENCE convince every enthusiast of wine. The different wine glasses are created for the different tastes of wines – for strong and dry red wines, for smoothly or fruity white and red wines, for young wines or for sweet wines. This guarantees a high wine performance – especially made for first class cuisine and oenophiles around the world.

Dekanter von Stölzle Lausitz - formschöner Rotweindekanter - mundgeblasen

Classic – for every Drink the right Glass

The Classic-Series by Stölzle convinces with diversity and a timeless design. Among the different glasses you will find one for every drink. A decanter and a cooler round off the collection. The robust long distance runner among the Stölzle glasses is especially robust. A classic, loved by caterers and hotel owners.

Exquisit Verkostungsglas - Tasting Glass

Exquisit – balanced, timeless, beautiful

An understatement happens when a form simply convinces through its elegance. Barely any other series by Stölzle embodies this idea as much as Exquisit. The balanced design cleverly plays with classical models and in doing so appears timelessly beautiful. In hotels and the catering business the extremely resistant glasses prove themselves day to day. A professional with all-round qualities, also for use at home.

Exquisit Royal - when you want it longer

Well balanced, functionality and elegant proportions characterize the glasses of the range EXQUISIT ROYAL aus. The machine-made pulled stem gives the glasses both strength and aesthetic qualities. Because of its construction the glasses are very durable and therefore perfect for gastronomy and the hotel business.

Event - the robust all-rounder

The line EVENT with its classic and timeless shape fulfills the requirements of Catering and Outdoor gastronomy for a high durable glass. The range was designed with an increased wall thickness to give extended service and durability.

Revolution Bordeaux 377 00 35

Revolution – acquire the taste

Experience the Stölzle tasteful design in its most revolutionary form. Star architect Wilhelm Holzbauer and wine expert Heinz Kammerer essentially cut the glasses from the body of the wines. What was new about it: They matched the form of the goblet with factors like acidity, ripeness, tannin, viscosity and abundance of flavor. The result is impressive. And more importantly tasteful.

Becher der Serie L´Amour  - satiniertes Herz - Stoelzle Lausitz

L'Amour means love

The glasses with heart - for the lovely moments in life..

Weinland - if it has to withstand something

The affordable Weinland series is a true fighter. A robust all-rounder with a timeless design which rarely if ever breaks. As usual with products by Stölzle Lausitz, the glasses of the collection are dishwasher safe. The same applies to the decanter. A universal series for every-day use. And for much more than just wine!

Stölzle Lausitz Vulcano Weinbecher groß

Vulcano - The all-rounders

STÖLZLE LAUSITZ tried to hamonise the shape and circumference of the bowl to strongly convey the unique characteristics of a fine wine, especially bouquet and flavor. The uplifted segment at the base allows the aromatics to release when swirled gently and complements the olfactory sensation in the nose and smooth the texture on the palate.

Stölzle Ultra Weißwein klein White Wine small

Ultra - in short

The range ULTRA holds only four different wine glasses, as well as one flute and one water glass to keep the handling easy in the professional sector.

Campari Drink Becher der Serie New York Bar - Stoelzle Lausitz - elegantes, klassisches Bar-Gläser-Konzept

New York Bar - for the elegant table

Elegant, classic bar glass concept with the touch of a fascinating city. Get the bar atmosphere of NYC.

Elements Kids Becher Bernstein

Elements - Play of colours

A warm grey, an olive green or a luscious brown are the colors of the spectrum of the tumblers TWISTER und ELEMENTS. The colors, a tender violet and a shimmering amber also belong to that spectrum, are concerted to current trends in high-level gastronomy. The color palette is selected in a way that the glasses gain a discreet but desired attention individually as well as in combination.

Twister Becher Schwarz-Bronze

Twister - a taste of the south

A warm grey, an olive green or a luscious brown are the colors of the spectrum of the tumblers TWISTER und ELEMENTS. The colors, a tender violet and a shimmering amber also belong to that spectrum, are concerted to current trends in high-level gastronomy. The color palette is selected in a way that the glasses gain a discreet but desired attention individually as well as in combination.

More than a cold beer

A Pilsner, Wheat or Craft Beer? It doesn't matter. Beer won't be out - never ever. Thirst quencher or only for your pleasure - there's always time for a beer.

Glasstrohhalme Glass Straws Glashalme Glastrinkhalme

A clear thing

Enjoying a refreshing drink with a straw is an indulgent luxury - in everyday life as well as when meeting friends. Drinking straws go well with a variety of drinks whether they be long alcoholic or soft drinks, iced coffee, cocktail or even mineral water. However, disposable plastic straws in both commercial and domestic use are not environmentally friendly and contribute to landfill and microplastic pollution. For the German glass manufacturer Stölzle Lausitz a simple solution is to offer straws made of glass - for the home as well as for gastronomy. The benefits are obvious: Glass straws made from environmentally friendly glass are reusable and durable. The reusability requires cleaning the glass tubes as effortlessly as possible. The Stölzle straws are dishwasher safe but can also be easily cleaned by hand with a small brush and being glass you can visibly see that the straws are clean. Drinking straws made of glass are also more stable than other materials and - a not to be neglected argument - glass straws are tasteless for a clean taste experience. Last but not least if a glass straw breaks it is 100% recyclable.

Coffee 'N More-S

Hot & Cold

The mouth-blown thermo-glasses of the range COFFEE 'N MORE are suited for both hot and cold beverages. Thanks to the double-walled tumblers an Espresso, green tea, cocktail or iced coffee keep their temperature over a long period. Due to the insulating character the outer wall keeps cool. The glasses are made of borosilicate glass, are dishwasher safe and suited for the microwave.

Universal 4 cl

Dekanter, Krüge und Karaffen

In der Tischkultur sind sie nicht alles, doch ohne sie ist alles nichts. Sie sind die Wasserträger, die Gärtner und die Kellner unter den Tischgläsern. Eine Festtafel wäre unvollständig, gäbe es keine passenden Kühler, Krüge, Karaffen, und Dekanter. Deshalb gebührt ihnen bei Stölzle Lausitz ein fester Platz im Sortiment. Und vielleicht auch bald auf Ihrem Tisch.

The right glass for every purpose

With Stölzle glasses form follows function. A tannin-heavy wine like a Bordeaux needs a different glass than a Riesling. But it is not just the diversity in drink choices that influences our collections. Just as important are the individual requirements of our customers. Our Glass-Finder is a compass: It helps you navigate on your search for the right glass surely to your goal.

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