News from the World of Glass

POWER - It's all about aroma

Is there such a thing as a powerful design? The new series of goblets from Stölzle Lausitz clearly answers the question in the affirmative. Their name: Power. Their distinctive features: a flat bottom to the goblet with an imperceptible curve to the stem and a long drawn-out funnel. The expressive form has one clear effect: it provides for power and expression with every wine.

The... more

OLYMPIC - Inspirations for the spirit of age

Matt white or matt black - the new glasses in the Olympic range of Stölzle Lausitz create inspiring accents in bars and restaurants, at parties and other festive occasions. Because as a counterpoint to the matt surfaces, Stölzle Lausitz brings metallic tones and intense colour into play. Gold, Silver and Bronze, together that all adds up to Olympic. The new glasses from the German glass... more

New Whisky Glass from Stölzle Lausitz

Equal rights for all: the suitability of a glass for a particular drink has long since ceased to be an issue for wine glass series. But spirits also deserve well-designed glasses to provide special enjoyment. Thereby, occasionally even established shapes are called into question - and replaced by others. One example is the new whisky glass from Stölzle Lausitz. The tumbler, as the traditional... more

New craft beer and pils glasses from Stölzle Lausitz

Glasses to quench a thirst and provide pure pleasure Germany is a beer-drinking country. Even though sales in recent years – with the exception of the FIFA World Cup year of 2014 – have been slowly decreasing, the home country of the Reinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law) is still one of the leading countries with the highest per capita beer consumption (2nd place in Europe behind the Czech Republic... more