OLYMPIC - Inspirations for the spirit of age


Matt white or matt black - the new glasses in the Olympic range of Stölzle Lausitz create inspiring accents in bars and restaurants, at parties and other festive occasions. Because as a counterpoint to the matt surfaces, Stölzle Lausitz brings metallic tones and intense colour into play. Gold, Silver and Bronze, together that all adds up to Olympic. The new glasses from the German glass manufacturer in Weisswasser clearly belong on the podium, because they pick up the latest interior and lifestyle trends and combine them with each other - confidently and sure of success.

In addition to the universal glass tumblers, as part of the new series, Stölzle Lausitz also offers cocktail glasses and champagne glasses. From within, the colours of the medals always shine out. The glass series from Stölzle Lausitz, however, has a far greater wealth of variations to offer. For example, the black outer surfaces are combined with red as an interior colour or an externally red glass is black on the inside.

Even though it is still continues to be unclear how water can be turned into wine at celebrations, at least with these new glasses from Stölzle Lausitz it is always ensured that the mood at the party is good regardless of what is being drunk.