Bierpokale Craft Beer 0.3l

    Bierpokal Craft Bier 430ml - hoch funktionelles Bierglas
  • Volume: 430 ml / 14 oz
  • Height: 200 mm / 7¾"
  • Diameter: 87 mm / 3½
  • Item number: 121 00 19
UVP Price: 5.00 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Craft Beer Glass by Stölzle Lausitz - the glass for lovers of exotic beer

Thirst turns into pleasure with beer. That saying only starts to make sense when we have enjoyed our beer from highly functional and beautifully crafted glasses such as the beer glasses by Stölzle. Craft beer is currently the premium beer on the market, and as such attract the true beer aficionados as a special treat among your beer offerings.

The beer glasses have been crafted from lead free crystal. The body of the beer glass rises from a long stem, similar to that of a wine glass, which enables the beer to develop its flavors perfectly. Despite being rather robust, this glass impresses with is timeless elegance and creates a classy atmosphere.

Shape and the thickness of the glass body are perfectly suited to the more austere flavor of a good craft beer. With beer the aromas that can be detected by the nose is especially important, because of their intricate nature. This is why this glass narrows towards the top and allows the detection of the distinct notes of hops and malt perfectly.