Revolution Red Wine

Star architect Wilhelm Holzbauer gave form to this series. Wine expert Heinz Kammerer gave it function. Each glass gives the body of the wine more soul.
    Rotweinkelch der Serie Revolution von Stölzle Lausitz
  • Volume: 490 ml / 17¼ oz
  • Height: 225 mm / 9"
  • Diameter: 90 mm / 3½"
  • Item number: 377 00 01
UVP Price: 5.80 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Revolution Red Wine Glass from Stölzle Lausitz - a glass that impresses

Designed by the renowned architect Wilhelm Holzbauer and wine expert Heinz Kammerer, these red wine glasses are nothing short of revolutionary. A glass that is highly versatile with regard to grape varieties and appropriate for many occasions.

When designing these wine goblets, special attention was paid to the particular characteristics of wines. The result is a Bordeaux glass that perfectly combines visual appearance with durability and functionality.

The glasses are characterized by straight lines and conical shapes. The elegant red wine goblet has a slightly shortened stem, making it stand firmly. Yet, the glass is pleasant to hold. Each glass appears to be made from one piece, although bowl and stem have been joined together. No seams are visible.

The Bordeaux glass has a large and broad bowl, providing plenty of space to swirl the wine and promote oxidation. The narrow mouth allows the aromas to optimally concentrate. Wine connoisseurs use this glass to enjoy classic red wines with full bodies, such as Chianti, Montepulciano, and Barbera.


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