VULKANOS Teide black

    Dekanter von Stölzle Lausitz - formschöner Rotweindekanter
  • Volume: 750 ml / 26½ oz
  • Height: 240 mm / 9½"
  • Diameter: 238 mm / 9½"
  • Item number: 402 00 59 KA001
  • Misc: durchgefärbt / imbued
UVP Price: 58.00 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The black Teide Wine Decanter by Stölzle Lausitz - the red wine decanter with style

Wine connoisseurs understand that a good wine can't just be poured straight from the bottle into a glass. First of all, a lot of the subtle flavors are lost that that way, and secondly it is impossible to present the wine in its full beauty. With the wine decanter by Stölzle you are placing perfected wine culture onto your table.

The Teide Decanter was developed by top talents in the art of glass design, mouth blown and crafted by hand. Made from lead-free crystal, this crystal decanter convinces with its particularly clear lines. A true wine lover quickly notices just how uncomplicated and practical it is to use.

The exceptional, clean shape speaks of a high degree of aesthetic understanding. A long, narrow neck, an exact glass distribution, and a voluminous body are all convincing attributes. This red wine decanter is the perfect choice, especially for mature wines, which have already developed their aromas to the full. Because of the narrow neck, those flavors don't escape, and are actually protected by it. Furthermore the more delicate, often volatile aromas of a white wine are captured to perfection in this wine decanter. Finally, it displays the brilliant colors of every wine in all its beauty.

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