Q1 Port

Hand-blown, clear contours, extravagant, thin-walled and light – that is how the series Q1 presents itself. Wine connoisseurs love it. Fine wines feel right at home here.
    Portwein Glas der Serie Q1 von Stölzle Lausitz - mundgeblasen
  • Volume: 180 ml / 6¼ oz
  • Height: 200 mm / 7¾"
  • Diameter: 64 mm / 2½"
  • Item number: 420 00 05
UVP Price: 23.50 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Q1 Portwine Glass from Stölzle Lausitz - the glass with a refined character

Created for connoisseurs, crafted by experts: An appropriate description of Stölzle's elegant sweet wine glasses. Mouth-blown and handcrafted by highly experienced glass blowers, these sweet-wine-glasses will make any connoisseur's eyes sparkle with joy. The high quality of these port-wine-goblets becomes apparent at first glance.

Manufactured from finest lead-free crystal glass, these glasses distinguish themselves from mediocre products by their clear contours. A long stem, exact glass distribution, and a very fine rim are just a few of the high-quality features of this glass. The delicate stem supports a high bowl with a low waist

The dessert wine glasses are perfect for the consumption of Portwine, but also other sweet red and white wines, for example Sherry, Soave and elegantly sweet white wines.

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