And the winner is ... Stölzle Lausitz receives German Design Award


In search of a groundbreaking and strong design the top-class jury of the German Design Award has found a winner: It honored the crystal glass series POWER from Stölzle Lausitz for its excellent product design with the German Design Award 2018. The range with its three stemmed glasses and two wine tumblers is now allowed to carry the title 'Winner 2018' in the group 'Tabletop' and category 'Excellent Product Design'. Stolzle Lausitz see this award as a confirmation of their ongoing vision to connect innovative design with high functionality in a striking and trenchant way.

The jury of the German Design Award honored the expressive and puristic shape of the wine glasses of the POWER series. The bowl shape gives wine drinkers additional taste because the POWER glasses have such a relatively large breathing surface for the wine. That's the result of the flat bowl base which is the largest dimension of the bowl. The glasses therefore have an extremely sustained funnel, which leads the bouquet of the wine directly to the epicure.

A special lightness is given by the slim stem, which carries the cubic bowl in a very elegant way. The flat bottom ensures a solid stand for these robust glasses. The POWER glasses are produced in Weisswasser/Germany - the headquarters of Stölzle Lausitz. The company has a state of the art automatic production process which imitates very closely the finesse of mouth-blown production. At the pulling process the stem is pulled out of the bowl which results in a seamless glass with greater strength. This special production technique enables the realization of exceptional glass shapes. The series POWER is the best example. The award shows that the highest quality requirements for wine, champagne, beer, spirits and bar glasses are fully met with glasses produced by Stölzle Lausitz.

The German Design Award belongs to the international prestigious design prizes. It honors innovative products and projects as well as their producers and designers which are groundbreaking in the German and international design scene. This is guaranteed by a top-class, international jury. 

The German Design Award is given from the 'Rat für Formgebung' (German Design Council) which was established as a foundation in 1953 with the initiative of the Deutscher Bundestag (German parliament). The remit comprises the representation of the German design processes, to support the economy, and to gain a consequent added brand value due to design. The Rat für Formgebung is therefore one of the world's leading competence centers in communication and brand leading in the design sector. Trade associations and institutions, especially the contents and brand leaders of notable companies, belong to the exclusive network of the foundation members.