Bierpokale IMPERIAL Beer 0.5l

    Bierpokal Imperial von Stölzle Lausitz
  • Volume: 620 ml / 21¾ oz
  • Height: 226 mm / 9"
  • Diameter: 80 mm / 3"
  • Item number: 366 00 52
UVP Price: 6.60 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Imperial Beer Tulip from Stölzle Lausitz - a glass for beer gourmets

Stölzle's Imperial Series impresses with its high quality and timeless design. This is a sturdy yet classy all-rounder which is highly popular with many restaurant owners and hoteliers. The beer glass is manufactured mechanically from lead-free crystal glass. Each Beer Tulip is characterized by its remarkable quality. The timeless and elegant design make these beer goblets ideal for everyday use.

The short stem, which is seamlessly attached, makes the glass very stable despite its height. Furthermore, the Beer Tulip knows how to impress as an eye-catcher on festive tables.

Beer connoisseurs are known to value the quality of these beer glasses. What applies to wine is also appropriate for beer: the glass, especially its shape, can substantially influence the taste of a beverage. The inwards tapered edges help trap and thus concentrate the beer's aroma. The thin and narrow shape of the glass aid in creating and maintaining the head. Thus, the pleasure of drinking a beer begins with pouring it into the glass. The slender shape of the glass helps the beer's unique flavor reach far into the mouth.