Classic Bordeaux

The Classic-series is timelessly elegant and very sturdy. Born in fire at Stölzle, a perennial favorite on the world’s tables.
    Bordeauxglas der Serie Classic long-life von Stölzle Lausitz - der Allrounder für Rotwein
  • Volume: 650 ml / 23 oz
  • Height: 225 mm / 8¾"
  • Diameter: 95 mm / 3¾"
  • Item number: 200 00 35
UVP Price: 6.70 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Classic Red Wine Goblet Bordeaux by Stölzle Lausitz - The Glass for Eternity

The Classic series by Stölzle convinces with its variety and timeless design. Hence the name stands for the program. Because of its durability the robust flagship among the Stölzle glasses has been very popular with restauranteurs and hoteliers for decades

Winter is coming! The days are getting shorter, the evenings longer. It's cold outside and the journey home becomes a torture. This is the perfect time to treat yourself: Spoil yourself with a sip of great wine. Relax and unwind. Lean back and enjoy the way a classy glass fits into your hand.

Without a doubt you'll understand: Only in the right glass can your wine develop the bouquet worthy of the winemaker's work. When the flavours can unfurl, and the noble drop hits just the spot on your tongue; only then can you reach the heady heights of complete drinking pleasure!


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