Custom decorated glassware is the perfect way to create product or brand promotion.

We decorate every glass on your request – stemware as well as tumblers. State-of-the-art technology enables multi-coloured pattern and different designs. The variety of motives is unlimited.

Screenprinting enables a very detailed print onto the glass – regardless of your size and colour requests. Logos on the bottom of the glasses are achieved by sandblasting. Multicoloured stickers, Gold/Silver/Platinum rims, colouring of glasses and any kind of cuts are possible too.

Filling lines

Filling lines can be fixed on glass. However within the European Union they are under legal directives. We will give you advise if your requested filling line can be done on your requested glass(es).
Please note the following if you want to distribute or use our glass within the European Union with one or more filling lines:

  • The amendment of the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) in April 2004 involved essential changes of the gauging of serving vessels. They belong now to the capacity serving measures. Therefor they have to be marked specifically with a CE-identification mark if you want to apply them with a filling line.
  • The new MID was published on April 30, 2004 in the Official Journal L 135 of the European Union. It has the number 2004/22/EG and is valid and binding since October 30, 2006. The single European countries had a transition period of 10 years to convert the European right into national right.
  • The responsibility for the right capacity of a serving vessel bears the company which marks the serving vessel. This could be the glass manufacturer or a decoration company.
  • The glass must be marked with the filling line, the nominal volume and the producer sign (for Stölzle: STO). All capacity serving measures have to be marked additionally with the CE-identification mark with a minimum font size of 5mm and a predetermined typography. A retraceability of the glasses will be guaranteed by this system.
  • Filling line, producer marking and CE- identification mark must be applied preferable on the bowl or on the glass bottom. They must be visible and indelible. Therefor stickers are not allowed.
  • Füllstrich, Herstellerkennzeichnung und CE-Kennzeichnung müssen vorzugsweise auf dem Kelch oder auf dem Glasboden leicht erkennbar und unauslöschlich angebracht werden. Aufkleber sind deshalb nicht erlaubt.
  • The CE- identification mark is compounded with the sign “CE”, the metrology mark “M” and the last two figures of the year in which the glass was marked. Thereby the year dates change with the beginning of a new year. The last 4 figures of the code is the identification number of the notified body which is appointed by the glass producer and takes part in the conformity assessment procedure.
CE-identification of the Stölzle Lausitz glasses

Further information:

  • Filling lines will be usually applied with screenprinting.
  • This causes additional costs which you can find in our current pricelist. If you need more information please ask our sales representatives, email: or Tel.: +49 3576 268 0.