Experience Port

The machine pulled stem glasses of the line EXPERIENCE convince with an elegant and stylish shape mixed with a high wine performance.
    Süßweinkelch der Serie Experience von Stölzle Lausitz
  • Volume: 190 ml / 6¾ oz
  • Height: 200 mm / 8"
  • Diameter: 66 mm / 2½"
  • Item number: 220 00 04
UVP Price: 5.35 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Experience dessert wine goblet from Stölzle Lausitz is the perfect combination of strength and aesthetics

The Experience range from Stölzle Lausitz is an ingenious play on the traditional models, and its simple elegance is captivating. The balanced design of the wine glasses has a timeless appearance. Thanks to their extremely robust structure, the glasses are not only popular in restaurants and hotels, but also tried and tested all-rounders for use in the home. Ideal as a gift or when setting up your first home.

The perfect sophisticated goblet design of the dessert wine glass ensures optimum concentration of intense, fruity flavours and guides them to the nose. Thanks to the long pulled stem, the dessert wine stays at the ideal temperature for a particularly long time. Enjoy the deep and full sound when clinking glasses and savour the first-class wine experience!

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