Exquisit Burgundy

An all-rounder which proved itself in restaurants and hotels: extremely sturdy and timelessly beautiful. Those who drink wine frequently will find a friend for life in this glass.
    Burgunderglas der Serie Exquisit von Stölzle Lausitz - Allrounder für Rotwein
  • Volume: 650 ml / 23 oz
  • Height: 222 mm / 8¾"
  • Diameter: 105 mm / 4"
  • Item number: 147 00 00
UVP Price: 6.70 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Exquisit Series Red Wine Glass from Stölzle Lausitz–a glass with power and elegance

Stölzle's Exquisit Series cleverly plays with classical models and captivates with its simple elegance. The wine goblet's design bestows upon this wine glass an air of timeless elegance. Due to their extremely durable design, the red wine glasses are highly popular in restaurants and hotels. They are also reliable all-rounders for home. A perfect gift idea and for furnishing new homes.

The red wine goblet impresses not only with its simple and elegant appearance, but also with its high stability.

Due to the bowl's clever design, you can enjoy your red wine to the fullest. The voluminous bowl of the Burgundy glass has its waist in the lower third while its mouth slightly tapers toward the top. This helps concentrate the wine's rich aromas in an optimal way so they can reach your mouth with ease.


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