Exquisit Flute Champagne

An all-rounder which proved itself in restaurants and hotels: extremely sturdy and timelessly beautiful. Those who drink wine frequently will find a friend for life in this glass.
    Sektkelch der Exquisit-Serie von Stölzle Lausitz - robuster Champagner Allrounder
  • Volume: 175 ml / 6¼ oz
  • Height: 221 mm / 8¾"
  • Diameter: 67.5 mm / 2¾"
  • Item number: 147 00 07
UVP Price: 5.35 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Exquisit Series Champagne Flute from Stölzle Lausitz – a glass with power and esthetics

Stölzle's Exquisit Series cleverly plays with classical models and captivates with its simple elegance. Their well-balanced design bestows upon these wine glasses an air of timeless elegance. Due to their extremely durable design, the glasses are highly popular in restaurants and hotels. They are also reliable all-rounders for home. A perfect gift idea and for furnishing new homes.

The Exquisit Series Champagne Glass is a real eye-catcher! Its design is modern and the nucleation point at the base of the bowl ensures long lasting bubbling.

Stölzle Lausitz champagne goblets guarantee a magnificent stream of pearly bubbles and will cap off the experience of drinking sparkling wine. The tingling sensation is reinforced by the champagne flute's elegant proportions and the high brilliance of the lead-free crystal glass. The long stem is very effective at preventing your champagne from warming up in the bowl too early. Enjoy the bright, clear sound when clinking these sparkling wine glasses.


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