Exquisit White Wine

An all-rounder which proved itself in restaurants and hotels: extremely sturdy and timelessly beautiful. Those who drink wine frequently will find a friend for life in this glass.
    Weißweinglas der Serie Exquisit von Stölzle Lausitz - der Allrounder
  • Volume: 420 ml / 14¾ oz
  • Height: 211 mm / 8¼"
  • Diameter: 83 mm / 3¼"
  • Item number: 147 00 03
UVP Price: 6.20 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Exquisit Series Universal Wine Glass from Stölzle Lausitz – a glass with power and esthetics

Stölzle's Exquisit Series cleverly plays with classical models and captivates with its simple elegance. Their well-balanced design bestows upon these wine glasses an air of timeless elegance. Due to their extremely durable design, the glasses are highly popular in restaurants and hotels. They are also reliable all-rounders for home. A perfect gift idea and for furnishing new homes.

Whether white or red wine: This universal goblet works well with any white wine and all light to medium bodied red wines. A true all-rounder which will save you looking for the proper glass. This wine glass should be part of every kitchen and is also a fantastic gift idea for all newcomers to the world of wines.

Thanks to the design of the bowl, the aromas of noble wines are emphasized particularly well. Freshness and fruitiness are optimally perceivable. The upward tapering mouth of the glass directs the beverage elegantly to your mouth. Let yourself be enthralled by the feel of the Exquisit Glass and enjoy the sound of clinking the glass.



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