HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The Glencairn Glass


The Glencairn Glass, the world's favourite whisky glass, is turning 20 this year. Since its creation by Glencairn Crystal Studio in 2000, The Glencairn Glass has become an iconic must-have for whisky lovers around the world. The glass was borne out of Raymond Davidson’s (Glencairn’s Founder) vision to create a glass that would encourage the user to fully appreciate the nose and palate of a whisky, whilst being an aesthetically pleasing object. The Glencairn Glass is now THE definitive whisky glass around the world today, with over 3 million being sold each year, across 140 different countries in every corner of the globe.

We congratulate our partners Glencairn Crystal on this exciting anniversary and look forward to a successful future. It’s a privilege for us as official distribution partners for The Glencairn Crystal to support and distribute The Glencairn Glass to the hospitality and retail industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as North America.

You want to have your own Glencairn Glass?

For Germany, Austria, Switzerland: https://www.stoelzle-lausitz-shop.de/produkte/whiskyglaeser.html

For the USA and Canada: www.amazon.com