NEW · Hot and cold - Double-walled glasses from Stölzle Lausitz


With the new COFFEE 'N MORE glasses, Stölzle Lausitz has expanded the functional possibilities of its range of glasses. Because the double-walled glass tumblers are suitable for hot drinks from coffee and its variants, right through to tea, as well as for cold drinks, which should remain cool for a long time.

The oriental tea glass provided the inspiration For the design of the double-walled, hand-blown thermo glasses from Stölzle Lausitz. In the four different sizes of these glasses, an Espresso can be served just as stylishly as a Cappuccino or a Latte Macchiato. And also a herbal or black tea can be be savoured from them. Thanks to the double-wall principle, the exteriors of the glasses do not feel hot even when filled with a hot drink and can be held quite comfortably.

The qualities of the new double-walled glasses are by no means limited only to when they are used for hot drinks. How about a refreshing aperitif during the summer party, which stays cool for a long time? The insulating effect of the layer of air between the two glass walls also makes this possible. And here, once again, the temperature does not transfer from the outside to the inside - or in this case: not from the warm hand to the cool drink. The glasses are, therefore, also ideal for soft drinks, cocktails or a white wine.

The COFFEE'N MORE products, made of borosilicate glass, can be safely washed in the dishwasher. The four variants have volumes of 90 ml, 180 ml, 230 ml or 330 ml. The organic shape always ensures that the glasses can be comfortably held in the hand.