New craft beer and pils glasses from Stölzle Lausitz


Glasses to quench a thirst and provide pure pleasure Germany is a beer-drinking country. Even though sales in recent years – with the exception of the FIFA World Cup year of 2014 – have been slowly decreasing, the home country of the Reinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law) is still one of the leading countries with the highest per capita beer consumption (2nd place in Europe behind the Czech Republic in 2014). Beer in Germany, however, is increasingly changing from the historic thirst-quencher to becoming a drink to be savoured. This is confirmed not least by the numerous beers from small breweries which are establishing themselves and, in particular, the trend towards craft beers. With its new pils glass and a special craft beer glass, Stölzle Lausitz is now offering the appropriate framework for this trend. With its distinctive stem and the long top, the new craft beer glass from Stölzle Lausitz is clearly reminiscent of a noble goblet. The goblet drawn deep into the stem and the resulting harmonious transition developing from it to the stem in the roundness of the goblet has all the makings of a sophisticated wine glass. There are two details which make the difference: at the very top this glass ceases to narrows and offers a vertical finish to the bowl, on the other hand, overall this glass compared with the counterparts in the wine glass segment offers an increased wall thickness and a solid stem. That’s why it’s a beer glass! The new pils glass picks up the basic formal structure of the craft beer glass and modifies it specifically for this type of beer through its more delicate stem and a distinctive and slightly curved top. This provides the necessary room for the characteristic pils head. The new pils glass from Stölzle Lausitz is in all respects a genuine beer glass: here again, the wall thickness and the solidity of the stem have been increased. Together with the strong bottom, this glass allows firmly established beer rituals. Stölzle Lausitz has deliberately kept the two new beer glasses independent in the terms of their styling. As a result, they can be combined with various, stylistically different glasses - from the organic right through to cubic designs. Both glasses are produced using the sophisticated drawing process. That means that the stem is drawn out of the goblet in the production process. Stölzle Lausitz is one of the few glass manufacturers worldwide that can realize this process with a continuously optimal quality level. The result is glasses with a particularly harmonious shape and great durability. Not least for those reasons, the glasses from the production of Stölzle Lausitz in Weißwasser, Saxony enjoy a high level of popularity in the catering trade, which also makes them perfectly suitable for private use. They are universally suitable: for quenching a thirst as well as for pure enjoyment.