New Whisky Glass from Stölzle Lausitz


Equal rights for all: the suitability of a glass for a particular drink has long since ceased to be an issue for wine glass series. But spirits also deserve well-designed glasses to provide special enjoyment. Thereby, occasionally even established shapes are called into question - and replaced by others. One example is the new whisky glass from Stölzle Lausitz. The tumbler, as the traditional glass for this complex spirit, must now share its space in the cupboard. Stylish whisky pleasure, as of now, is based upon a stem. In addition to the bulbous shape of the glass, the short stem of the new whisky glass from Stölzle Lausitz is the outstanding new feature, in the truest sense of the word, for a whisky glass. Thereby, the function of the stem is quite clear: The hand on the glass changes the temperature of the drink. That is not desirable, neither with wine nor with the spirit, and in the tumbler can only be corrected with ice. But that, in its turn, changes the drink. The stem of the new whisky glass is the logical resolution of the dilemma. It may well be quite short, because here too the hand finds its position and the glass retains its harmonious characteristic shape. Through the bulbous shape of the glass goblet, the whisky is given the opportunity for the desired air exchange over a large surface area. The bouquet is bundled through the elongated funnel and is concentrated for the connoisseur. Not least for that reason, therefore, the newcomer is classified as a “Nosing Glass” at Stölzle Lausitz. With a volume of almost 200 ml, the goblet certainly provides the whisky with the space it needs to develop completely. The solid design of the new whisky glass corresponds in its feel to the solid taste experience of the expressive spirit. Drinks suitability, after all, can be skilfully and comprehensively defined.