Now even more POWER – new tumblers


The POWER collection from Stölzle Lausitz has gained two new additions: a white wine tumbler and a red wine tumbler. These are particularly suitable for casual events or for use outside. They can, of course also be used as a simple, yet stylish vessel for water or other non-alcoholic drinks. These tumblers complete the POWER collection, which up to now consisted of a large red wine glass, a universal white wine goblet and a champagne flute. 

The new collection from the Lusatia-based glassmakers can be recognised by the glasses’ particularly broad and flat bowls. Even with a smaller filling volume, this allows for maximum contact with the air, thereby really enabling the aromas to develop. The collection stands out in particular thanks to the straight bowl and tapered stem, which give the impression that the bowl is floating. The same straight lines have been replicated for the tumblers. 

With these new products, Stölzle Lausitz is consolidating its position as a producer of high-quality wine glasses. The look of the new POWER collection has also earned it a nomination for a German Design Award. Glasses like those in the POWER collection have, until now, been extremely rare on the market, and have tended to be of the more costly, mouth-blown variety. With almost 130 years of glass-making tradition in Lusatia, Stölzle has also succeeded in producing high-quality, unique glasses of this kind using machinery.