Our coloured New Arrivals in 2018


Extension of the Twister series by Stölzle Lausitz

Creative interplay with colour and décor

You take a proven colour concept and process it using an unfamiliar technique. The result of this kind of approach is presented by Stölzle Lausitz GmbH with the latest additions to its Twister glass tumbler series. The new products provide the opportunity for all connoisseurs and lovers of imaginative glass culture to play creatively with colour and décor.

For a glass manufacturer who understands the spirit of the times, shiny metallic surfaces belong quite clearly in the range of products such as goblets, glass tumblers and decanters. Stölzle Lausitz has been implementing the coating of the glass surfaces in the colours of gold, silver and bronze for several years. The glasses are extremely popular in both the catering trade as well as in the private household, in order to provide shining highlights at the bar, in catering, at a party or garden party.

Now, the German glass manufacturer is combining these surfaces with the grooved décor of the equally successful Twister glass series which, up to now, has been focused on intense colours. The result is extraordinary glass tumblers with a black or white exterior combined with one of the metal tones on the inside of the glass.

The effect of the grooved décor, in this combination, provides surprising light and colour effects. The fact that these glass tumblers can not only be used as drinking glasses, but also as a form of decoration, for example, as a lantern, goes without saying given these effects.

The metallic-coloured coating is permanently applied to the glass cups. This allows the cleaning of the glasses in the dishwasher. The effective shimmering shine of gold, silver and bronze and the surprising décor can also not be damaged by intensive use.


Event glasses from Stölzle Lausitz

Metallic lustre with style

Gold, silver and bronze - the metallic colours not only have their place on the winners' podium at sporting events, they have also developed their established position in the areas of fashion and in interior decoration. At Stölzle Lausitz, the metallic tones have been a regular feature in the product range for quite a while. Now the German glass manufacturer is providing its successful Event series with stems in the three colour shades.

The compact glasses in the Event series are, "nomen est omen", designed for use at social events and in the catering trade. With their organic shape, they can be used universally in any setting.

In the new version, the stem and base plate of the white wine, red wine and champagne glasses of the series are skilfully accented with gold, silver- or bronze-shining surfaces. This makes it possible, particularly in areas of professional use, to set specific highlights.

The clear chalice of the glasses seems to balance on a shiny stem and, as a result, is provided with a vivacious lightness. This is underlined by the gentle transition from the coloured coating to the cup.

The metallic-coloured coating is permanently applied to the base plate and stem, so that the glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher and, even when used intensively, retain the shimmering shine of gold, silver and bronze.


Power tumblers in metallic tones

Inspirations for the spirit of the age

Matt white and matt black - the new glasses in the Power series from Stölzle Lausitz create inspiring accents in bars and restaurants, at parties and other festive occasions. Because as a counterpoint to the matt surfaces, Stölzle Lausitz brings metallic tones and intense colour into play.

The new glasses combine this colour ensemble with the extra-ordinary design of the White Wine tumbler of Power. These glasses clearly belong on the podium, because they pick up the latest interior and lifestyle trends and combine them with each other - confidently and sure of success.

Even though it is still continues to be unclear how water can be turned into wine at celebrations, at least with these new glasses from Stölzle Lausitz it is always ensured that the mood at the party is good regardless of what is being drunk.


Little Elements Tumblers

The range Elements – this is a warm Grey, an olive Green or a dark Brown as well as a tender purple and a glimmering Amber. The colours harmonize with the current trends which set the tone on the tables of the high-class gastronomy. There were only large tumblers with this colours up to now. But now a smaller version with 350 ml is available.