Q1 Water

Hand-blown, clear contours, extravagant, thin-walled and light – that is how the series Q1 presents itself. Wine connoisseurs love it. Fine wines feel right at home here.
    Wasserglas / Becher der Serie Q1 von Stölzle Lausitz - mundgeblasen
  • Volume: 570 ml / 20 oz
  • Height: 123 mm / 4¾"
  • Diameter: 100 mm / 4"
  • Item number: 420 00 16
UVP Price: 23.50 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Q1 Series Water Tumbler from Stölzle Lausitz - a glass with sophistication

Not only alcoholic drinks like to be presented in an appealing manner. Stölzle's water tumbler is mouth-blown and will greatly delight friends of cultivated dining.

The glass walls are thin and made from fine lead-free crystal glass. Despite their thin rims, the glasses with their classic tumbler shape stand very firmly. This is due to the tumbler's low center of gravity. Nevertheless, the juice tumbler fits well to the other Q1 Series glasses due to its extravagant shape.

Each glass is mouth-blown by highly experienced glass blowers. This ensures very exact glass distribution without any seams compromising the extravagant visual appearance. The sleek cylindrical shape tapers upward, keeping beverages refreshing. Carbonated drinks profit from this in particular: they maintain their effervescence and stay refreshing.

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