Quatrophil Grappa

Show character with Quatrophil. The machine-made counterpart to the hand-blown Q1 with the staying power for the tough day-to-day life. Glasses to revel in. Also for use at home.
    Destillat der Serie Quatrophil von Stölzle Lausitz - Allrounder für Edelbrände
  • Volume: 65 ml / 2¼ oz
  • Height: 195 mm / 7¾"
  • Diameter: 62.5 mm / 2½"
  • Item number: 231 00 30
UVP Price: 6.70 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Fine Spirits Glass by Stölzle Lausitz: the glass with character

Show off your individuality with Quatrophil, the series for wine connoisseurs and lovers of fine spirits. The machine made pendant of the mouth blown Q1 series stands out with its clean contours and strongly akcentuated shape.

The Quatrophil Fine Spirits Glass convinces especially with its robust, modern and superbly professional craftsmanship. The classy, long stem of this elegant glass flows seamlessly into the well-proportioned bowl and doesn’t just ensure the highest degree of stability, but also contributes to its great looks. Thanks to the exact filling level, the emphasis of this crystal glass is on sensible drinking pleasure, not on intoxication. Especially classy after a fine meal.

The intelligently designed spirits glass brings out the fine aromas cleanly and unadulterated. With the help of the long stem, possible odours from the hands stay away from the drink. The tulip-shaped bowl encourages the perfect rise of the fruity aromas in the glass. A true pleasure for the nose and palate alike. Why not use the glasses also for liqueur or grappa? You will enjoy it!

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