Quatrophil Red Wine

Show character with Quatrophil. The machine-made counterpart to the hand-blown Q1 with the staying power for the tough day-to-day life. Glasses to revel in. Also for use at home.
    Rotweinkelch der Serie Quatrophil von Stölzle Lausitz
  • Volume: 568ml / 20 oz
  • Height: 250mm / 9¾"
  • Diameter: 96mm / 3¾"
  • Item number: 231 00 01
UVP Price: 9.10 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Quatrophil burgundy red wine goblet from Stölzle Lausitz – the glass with a difference

Quatrophil, a range for wine connoisseurs. The machine-made counterpart to the hand-blown Q1 range stands out from the crowd thanks to its clear contours. The heavily accented cubic shape not only allows the flavour to develop well, but is also sure to impress from a visual perspective. The range appeals to both the upmarket gastronomy market and wine lovers alike. Glasses for indulgence. Also for use at home.

The long, elegant stem is pulled directly from the goblet without any signs of connecting seams. The wine glass is stable and suitable for everyday use. There are no seams along the stem and the red wine glass feels light and smooth in your hand.
The glass design is impressive thanks to its wide bowl, which allows the wine to breathe well. The widest point is deep in the glass, meaning that only a little wine needs to be poured to create a large surface area. The glass has a long upper bowl in which the smooth flavours and alcohols of full-bodied red wines can mix together before reaching your nose and mouth.

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