Quatrophil White Wine

Show character with Quatrophil. The machine-made counterpart to the hand-blown Q1 with the staying power for the tough day-to-day life. Glasses to revel in. Also for use at home.
    Weißweinkelch der Serie Quatrophil von Stölzle Lausitz
  • Volume: 404 ml / 14¼ oz
  • Height: 245 mm / 9¾"
  • Diameter: 83 mm / 3½"
  • Item number: 231 00 03
UVP Price: 7.70 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Quatrophil White Wine Goblet by Stölzle Lausitz – the glass with character

The series for wine connoisseurs stands proudly above the norm because of its clear contours. The strongly akcentuated cubic shape promises the highest degree of flavour development and further convinces with its delicate looks. This series is aimed at top caterers as well as wine lovers. Glasses to get lost in. Also perfect for the home.

The long, elegant stem is pulled directly from the bowl and has no seam. The glass is more stable and perfectly suitable for everyday use. There is no seam along the stem and the white wine glass is lightweight and beautiful to handle.

The modern design of this glass offers a large surface for an ideal air exchange for your wine, thanks to the voluminous shape. It becomes slimmer towards the top, and therefor intensifies the aroma just where it can perfectly hit the nose. Pure pleasure. This elegant white wine glass is particularly suitable for medium- to full bodied white wines, along with light bodied red wines. Be it a Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc or a Pinot Gris, they will all reach their full potential beautifully in these crystal glasses. Even a Hugo or an Aperol turn into something special this way.


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