Stölzle Lausitz celebrates 130 years of Glassmaking Tradition


The ambition for the Stolzle brand has always been to deliver the “best product” and at the end of May, Stölzle Lausitz celebrated the 130th anniversary of doing just that at the company’s location in Weißwasser / Saxony with a big celebration. In the traditional centre of the glass industry, the company is now the last remaining glass manufacturer with international significance. Customers and companions of the brand traveled to Weißwasser to celebrate this commemorative birthday together.

Based on the primary plant “Oberlausitzer Glaswerke J. Schweig and Co.”, which was founded in 1889 at the current location of Stölzle Lausitz GmbH, the company now produces well over 40 million drinking glasses per year. Stölzle Lausitz uses a process that enables the machine production of stemware glasses of the highest quality, which virtually mirror the handmade, mouth-blown look & feel. As with the artisanal technique the bowl is formed from the molten glass gob and then the stem is drawn and pulled from this to create one seamless piece. Stolzle Lausitz are one of the few manufacturers worldwide that are able to produce machine made stemware at a consistently high quality level with this latest process.

In addition to its production expertise, Stölzle Lausitz has built on many years of design expertise: From the mid-1930s onwards, Bauhaus pioneer Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld formed the product development and quality orientation of the glassworks. In collaboration with designers, architects and sommeliers, designs are constantly being created that combine the highest suitability for each beverage in combination with avant-garde design.

After many years of operation Stölzle Oberglas AG took over the traditional production facility in 1996. Since then there has been continuous investment at the site in Weißwasser totalling up to around 40 million Euros. The latest stage has seen significant investment in production facilities along with the building of a new warehouse, restructuring of logistics and the expansion of the glass decoration capabilities.

In his statement during the celebration, which was also attended by Councillor Bernd Lange and the Mayor of Weißwasser, Torsten Pötzsch, Managing Director Johann Nagl stressed the importance of these investments and the financial stability brought by the Parent company. The Stölzle Lausitz GmbH, which is currently active in about 120 countries, sees Nagl as well positioned: “Especially restaurants and the international hotel chains appreciate the high-quality and advantages of our glassware. Our growing presence and trend towards functional and elegant wine glasses supports our positive development on the world market, and the prospects and future of our products and our brand are outstanding,” Nagl said.

In his statement, Dr. Cornelius Grupp, owner of Stölzle Oberglas AG, emphasized the close connection of the parent company to the location in Weißwasser and its employees: “We are not typical investors, but have the long-term Perspective in mind and the permanent ambition that our products are the best on the market.” His son Cornelius Grupp, who represents the 7th generation of entrepreneurs, added: “The high-quality products produced in Weißwasser have become part of the family DNA and are an integral part of our thinking.”

As part of the celebration, which took place in a stylishly decorated warehouse on the company premises included in numerous show acts, Johann Nagl presented a new glass concept as a central highlight. The product announced for the second half of the year lives up to its name with an integrated LED: The glass series is called “Highlight.”

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