Stölzle Lausitz: Power glass series receives iF Design Award


Passion for Collecting

With the iF Design Award, the Power glass series from Stölzle Lausitz received its second prestigious design award within just a few weeks. The award of the iF Design Award by the world's oldest independent design institution, iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover, directly followed the German Design Award for the product line from the German glass manufacturer. In both cases, the expressive Power series was able to convince the jury through its clear styling and high level of design quality. As a result, the Power series has become a passionate collector of prestigious design awards.

The special feature of Stölzle Lausitz's Power glasses is the low, widest part of the chalice, which is practically identical with the bottom of the glass. This also makes an extremely elongated bowl of the wine glasses possible, which leads the bouquet of the wine purposefully to the nose of the connoisseur. This no-frills appearance of the Power glasses combines puristic design with the ability to offer the appropriate glass for every drink. Then the glasses allow the wine, even with small quantities, maximum space to expand thus have an optimal surface for the exchange with air. In connection with the consistent narrowing of the bowl, this results in optimized transfer of the bouquet.

The Power glasses are manufactured at the headquarters of Stölzle Lausitz in Weißwasser / O.L. in Saxony. There, the company realizes a machine manufacturing process of the highest quality, which comes very close to the mouth-blown technique of the skilled craftsman. In the so-called drawing process, the stem is pulled out of the bowl during production, so that a harmonious transition without noticeable seams and a high stability of the glass is achieved. This special process also makes the production of unusual glass shapes possible. Stölzle Lausitz can claim to be Germany's number one producer of wine and champagne glasses (goblets) with drawn stems.

In addition to the classic goblets with slender, elongated stems, the Power glass series also includes glass goblets which, thanks to their characteristic shape, are also ideal for enjoying wine, and can be used, for example, at events. But they also provide for stylish enjoyment of other drinks, totally without a stem. Like the variants with a stem, they make a convincing impression in every situation, not only in the decision-making process of the design jury.

As part of this year's iF Design Award, a 63-member independent, international jury reached its decisions on a total of 6,402 entries, a previously unprecedented number. Thereby, entries were submitted from 54 countries seeking to win the coveted award. For 65 years, the award has been a recognized and established global trademark when it comes to excellent design.