Stölzle Lausitz's Latest Novelties: Swing and Twist


Weißwasser (Germany). Inspired by the exuberance of the 1920s, German glass manufacturer Stölzle Lausitz presents their latest novelties: SWING and TWIST – the modern interpretation of the classic Champagne Saucers. The cubic shape of the goblet gently merges with the high, filigree pulled stem – a technique Stölzle Lausitz is specialized in. Thanks to this the Champagne Saucers have neither joint between stem and bowl nor seam lines, with characteristics similar to handmade glasses. They give a very valuable feeling, lie very pleasant in the hand and have a high breakage resistance.

Thus, the large SWING and the smaller TWIST captivate with their delicacy and elegance, which stands in charming contrast to the voluminous opulence of the bowls. Made of lead free crystal glass, the Champagne Saucers also impress with a thin rim. Not only sparkling wine or champagne, but also cocktails are shown off to their best advantage in SWING and TWIST. As is customary for Stölzle glasses, SWING and TWIST have a certificated dishwasher resistance and an ideal price/quality ratio.

The dishwasher-safe glasses from the NEW YORK BAR series are available in sets of 6 from specialist retailers as well as online portals and at The recommended retail price is 6.20 € (whisky and juice glasses) or rather 6.40 € (long drink glasses).