Weinland Flute Champagner

Affordable and sturdy: The robust all-round series is, like all glasses by Stölzle Lausitz, dishwasher-safe. Ideal for day to day use.
    Sektkelch der Weinglas-Serie von Stölzle Lausitz - robuster Champagner Allrounder
  • Volume: 200 ml / 7oz
  • Height: 212 mm / 8¼"
  • Diameter: 67.5 mm / 2¼"
  • Item number: 100 00 07
UVP Price: 5.00 €
For commercial customers: Price on request

The Wineland Champagne Flute by Stölzle Lausitz - the glass for every day

With a champagne glass by Stölzle Lausitz you don't just prove your sense of style and elegance. At the same time, you bring a champagne glass home which will hardly break. Because of this many hoteliers and restaurant owners swear by this glass, which is equally suitable for champagne and sparkling wine. The glasses are machine-made, and of course dishwasher proof

 When you clink your glasses you can enjoy the rich, long lasting sound - one of the advantages of using lead free crystal. The long stem does not tempt the user to hold the glass by the bowl, which would lead to an unnecessary warming up of the champagne or sparkling wine.

The champagne flutes shine with their classic and timeless design. The glass is lightly curved and the narrow bowl ensures that the champagne or sparkling wine keeps its bubbles for longer as the bubbles can't dissipate too quickly. This way even the typical rise of the bubbles is set in scene with style. At the same time the champagne flute encourages the creation of a fine pearly foam.

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